restricted/guided/tethered and neatly stacked –
Mapping Hong Kong's Bet on Greed

In January 2016, the city of Hong Kong has been named within the last sixth consecutive years by the American Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal to be the "freest economy" in the world. This fact alone should be evident enough, even for sensible finding topics of my stay there. But beyond that, today the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is in a developed mode for a "field trial" to original Chinese future interests. And so it became at the same time a unique "neoliberal research laboratory“ and this is certified to be at a pathological state. It can attribute Hong Kong to be a model for the coming near future, in which the supremacy of global power interests is renegotiated.

1. Canton Diary
2. Plato’s Cave
3. Ballet of Trolleys, Bags
and Capsules
4. A Heart of Gold
5. Restricted/Guided/Tethered
and Neatly Stacked
6. Dystopian Confusion
7. Appropriation Nature