Das rebellische Bild, Museum Folkwang
8.12.2016 to 26.2.2017

Comprehensive show about German photography in the early 1980ties, with main topic in rememberance to the legendary show Remnants of the Authentic (Reste des Authentischen) from 1986 as to be one of the most influencal exhibitions within the medium of the decade.

Club EP2 and friend – Jailbreak of Color Photography, ZoneE
6.12.2016 to 28.3.2017

Small compact exhibition in context of the upper named show. Internationally influecual and radical asthetical positions in these days are shown here to remind the importance of these images.

The Hobbyist. Fotomuseum Winterthur
9.9.2017 to 28.1.2018

First huge show on this topic of hobbys and hobby photography. My part in this exhibition is the complete sequence of the third chapter Ballet of Trolleys, Bags and Capsules from my book Mapping Hong kongs Bet on Greed.