Urban Defects

The three books use the form of a traditional atlas. Each book shows segments of an image page by page in true scale of the original size (120 x 160 cm). Ideally the pages of one book can be mounted to each other to create an image in the size of the photographs. Limited to a edition of 60 numbered copies, sold as a set of three books. Text (description of several defects) starts at book #2 and ends at book #7. Size is 15 x 20cm, japanese binding.

ISBN #2 978-3-86206-093-1, #5 978-3-86206-094-8, #7 978-3-86206-095-5

The set of books is available for 35E in the following shops (or here, inquiries by email are welcome):

Motto, Berlin
Schaden.com, Cologne

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