Confessing Nature, 2019

For almost 20 years a reflected use of digital revisioned imaginary was a main option in my work to response to the delimitations of the digital medium, contrary to the passed original analogue restrictions of the photographic image. I used it in order to show its widely complex indifferent reflected applications, like advertising or documentation and within artistic conceptions. Now I have the strong feel to return to the most originated qualities the photographic media offers to art work, particular in contrast to the much wider unconditional properties of other art disciplines.
The photographic image as result of a straight personalized perception of the real enables images of maximized individualized observation. The fast growing and widely indifferent use of the medium today, leads more and more to a general replaceable loss of distinctive images. I may be wrong, but I feel the essential necessity of photography imagery which can survive in a sustained state.

Our irrevocable hedonism is embedded in a obvious romantic understanding of a given nature as base for purely ecomomic enterprises. This series is a first part of a more complex conception of growing project, where other parts will correspond into a coming book as adequate artistic form. All images here are taken in 2018 and 2019.

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